Breeding is a main aspect of the bot, so to master the bot you will have to know how breeding works and use it.

!breed [Male Pokemon Number] [Female Pokemon Number]

To see if a Pokemon is a female or a male use !info on it.

Breeding 2 Pokemon together (doesn’t have to be the same species) will result in a baby Pokemon that has to mature (for a certain amount of time depending on it’s level) before can be used. It will also have higher IVs, which are an addition to the base stats of the Pokemon.

The chance to get a female Pokemon is 50%.

There is a 5% chance for the baby to be a level higher than it was meant to be, basically a mutation. So for example you have a 5% chance of getting a level 111 baby from breeding 2 Pokemon level 110.

The catch level of the baby Pokemon is calculated like this:
Parent + Parent2 / 2 = Baby Catch Level


IVs Breeding

As explained above, IVs are the ultimate way to make your Pokemon even stronger.

There are 6 IVs, one for each stats. Here is how an IV is calculated:

(Parents IVs / 4) + (Parents Times Leveled Up / 45 + (Parents EV Yield / 2)

IVs are capped at 100.

Example: breeding a female Slaking with a male Guzzlord will give the baby HP IV because Guzzlord yields HP EV in the games.

A deeper explaination:

(Parents IVs / 4)
Take the HP stat for example. If your Pokemon have 7hp and 8hp, the first step is 15/4 which is 3.75. It rounds down at this step so the effective result is just 3.

(Parents Times Leveled Up / 45)
Take the amount of times past catch level that your pokemon have been leveled. It only counts in multiples of 45 and for each pokemon separately, so two pokemon leveled 70 times would not be 140/45, but instead 70/45+70/45. Since only multiples of 45 are considered, the answer to that is 2.

(Parents EV Yield / 2)
Then look at the ev spread of your Pokemon. If they both have 3 hp ev yield, then this step is 6/2, which is 3

Take the result of all steps and add them together:

3 + 2+ 3 = 8

For this example, the hp IV to the offspring will be 8.

Shiny Breeding

There is a chance to get a Shiny Pokemon from breeding. If one of the parents is Shiny, that chance will increase by a lot. If both of the parents are Shiny, the chance will increase even more.


Rares Breeding

You can breed rare Pokemon but they have a small chance to actually succeed. Failing means the baby wont be bred and you will have to wait for the breeding cooldown before trying again. The chance is 1.0%.