Global Market


Using the Global Market, you can easily search for any Pokemon you are interested in and buy it!

Pokemon are added by players only. The seller is the one that decides the price (in gold) of the Pokemon.

!market [page]

Use this command to scroll through all of the Market, see all of the Pokemon that are being sold.


Type !marketfind for more clear instructions of how to use the command. Use it to filter the market.

!marketuser [Page] @User

Use this command to see what a specific user is selling.

!marketbuy [ID]

Use this command to buy a Pokemon. The ID will be specified in !market/!marketfind/!marketuser.

!marketinfo [ID]

Use this command to display info about a Pokemon that someone is selling. The ID will be specified in !market/!marketfind/!marketuser.

!marketadd [Pokemon Number] [Cost]

Use this command to add a Pokemon to the Global Market – let anyone buy it for the price you specify, if a player buys it you will automatically get the gold and if you are online you will also get a DM about the purchase. Any new Pokemon that’s added to the market will be announced in the server’s new in market channel if it exists, so we recommend to use this command on our official server for a higher chance for someone to buy.

For the price you can use things like this: 100k = 100000 | 1m = 1000000 | 1,345,126 = 1345126

!marketremove [Pokemon Number]

Use this command to remove a Pokemon from the Global Market.