How To Get Gold


Here is a list of things you can battle, ordered by last – the most amount of XP:

  • Wild Pokemon: the gold amount from a wild Pokemon kill (that spawns from !s) is calculated like this: Wild Pokemon Level * 3. To get more gold from Pokemon, upgrade your spawning level!
  • Boss Pokemon: Info about bosses here.
  • NPC Pokemon: An NPC Pokemon can be either a !gym Pokemon, or a !trial Pokemon. To battle either of these just do the commands and the bot will guide you from there.
  • Players Gym: there are certain Discord servers such as our official one that has a players gym, if you win a battle in that channel you will become the new leader, and for each battle win you will get a big amount of gold (and XP).

Selling Pokemon

If you have a Pokemon that you dont need, instead of !release which will just remove the Pokemon from your list, you can try to sell it! That could get you a lot of gold, depending on how worthy is the Pokemon and what price you set it to.

You could either put it up on the Global Market or if you know someone that’s interested in buying it, you could just directly trade it with him for gold using !tradeg

Gambling Gold

You can gamble gold using !gamble, the chances to win are 1/3 but you could get lucky and maybe even be rich from it 😉