How To Get XP


Here is a list of things you can battle, ordered by last – the most amount of XP:

  • Wild Pokemon: the xp amount from a wild Pokemon kill (that spawns from !s) is calculated like this: Wild Pokemon HP / 3.
  • Boss Pokemon: Info about Bosses here.
  • NPC Pokemon: An NPC Pokemon can be either a !gym Pokemon, or a !trial Pokemon. To battle either of these just do the commands and the bot will guide you from there.
  • Trials
  • Players Gym: there are certain Discord servers such as our official one that has a players gym, if you win a battle in that channel you will become the new leader, and for each battle win you will get a big amount of xp (and gold).

Buying XP Candies

You can type !shop 1 to see that with !buy 110 you can buy XP candies, which will give a Pokemon XP. One candy cant level up your Pokemon more than once so for Pokemon that were just caught and has a low XP requirement, it’s the best to just train them in battles first.