Lucky Pokemon

Lucky Pokemon
– Have the same spawn rates of Shiny Pokemon, and Premium gives a 25%+ spawn rates boost.
– They are catchable regularly with Pokeballs.
– Have a different and a unique look.
– When they defeat other Pokemon in a battle, they gain twice as much XP than any other Pokemon, and 10%+ more gold.
– When killed, they drop a huge amount of XP and Gold.
– They can only be bred if one of the parents is a Lucky.
– You can see the Lucky Pokemon that you have using `!lucky`, or search them on the market using `!marketfind 1 lucky`.
– You can see a specific Lucky Pokemon using `!il`, `!iml`, `!ifl`
– You can see a random Lucky Pokemon using `!randp 3` and `!randr 3` for rares only.