Shifter Pokemon

– Every Pokemon has a Shifter version.
– Shifter Pokemon will be events and supporters (by redeeming) only (for now) Pokemon variations, similar to Shiny.
– By using 5 redeems ($5), you can instantly convert any Pokemon to a Shifter and give it a unique look and a 10%+ stats bonus when battling (Shiny Pokemon has that bonus too). Type `!redeem` for more info.
– Every week we will do 1-2 events! One was today, where we spawned over 20 Shifter Pokemon for Trivia winners / users that caught them first!
– Type `!shifter` to see your Shifter Pokemon.
– Type `!marketfind 1 Shifter` to find Shifters on the market!
– You can use `!randp 2` to see a random Shifter Pokemon, or `!randr 2` to see a random rare Shifter Pokemon.

When defeating a Raider, the tamed Raider will be a Shifter. If it’s a rare, it wont be a Shifter but if you have Premium Plus, it has a 5% to be a Shifter.