Tips And Tricks

How To Kill:
Snorlax/Regigias: Use any Ghost type Pokemon, example Pokemon: Gengar, Haunter, Drifblim…
Mewtwo/Ho-Oh: Use any Dark type Pokemon, example Pokemon: Tyranitar…
Any Flying (Articuno, Rayquaza..): Use Rampardos, Head Smash move.
Dragon/Ground/Flying (Example Zygarde): Use Togekiss (Fairy, Flying).
Gyarados: Use Rampardos or any good Pokemon with an electric move.
Giratina: Use Wigglytuff.
Any Rock Type: Use Aggron.
Yveltal: Get help from other players and team up on it! Not sure if it’s possible to solo it
Kommo-o: Use Mimikyu or Togekiss.
Lunala: Alolan Rattata/Ratticate.
Whiscash: Tropius.
Tapu Bulu: Salazzle (?)
Steelix: Use Gyarados.
Aggron: Use Lucario.
Pinsir: Use Crobat.
Any Poison Type: Use Metagross.
Mareanie: Metagross, Magnezone, Kartana.
Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir: Use a ghost type, preferably Mimikyu.


If some commands are suddenly not working for you and some do work, try the following commands: !cancel, !use, !l l and it should all be working again.


Shade’s Minimalist Z-Crystal Farming

Bug | Po Town (59) // Darmanitan
Dark | Malie City (47) // Darmanitan
Dragon | Vast Poni Canyon (89) // Rampardos, Darmanitan, Mimikyu
Electric | Hokulani Observatory (39) // Darmanitan Zen
Fairy | Seafolk Village (76) // Metagross, Luxray, Metagross
Fighting | Iki Town (40) // Darmanitan
Fire | Wela Volcano Park (91) // Shiftry [1], Rampardos [2, 3]
Flying | Ten Carat Hill (82) // Rampardos
Ghost | Thrifty Megamart (83) // Shiftry [1, 2], Metagross [3]
Grass | Lush Jungle (45) // Darmanitan
Ground | Exeggutor Island (31) // Togekiss
Ice | Mount Lankakila (54) // Darmantian Zen
Normal | Verdant Cavern (90) // Darmanitan
Poison | Ancient Poni Path (22) // Metagross
Psychic | Haina Desert (32) // Shiftry, Metagross, Shiftry
Rock | Ruins of Life (74) // Darmantian Zen [1, 2], Metagross [3]
Steel | Mount Hokulani (53) // Darmanitan Zen, Lucario, Darmanitan Zen
Water | Brooklet Hill (28) // Salamence


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