Towers (Player Run Gyms)

Unlimited gyms run by the community.

!towerchallenge – !towerc, !tc
Spawn the Tower Guardian in the channel, defeat it and you will be able to put your own Pokemon as a Guardian in the Tower.

!towerset – !towers, !ts
Set your Pokemon to guard the Tower. For every battle it wins for you, you will get gold depending on the other Pokemon’s level.
While it’s guarding a Tower, there is no way to remove it and it cant be used until it’s defeated (you will get a message from the bot when that happens).

!towerremove – !towerr, !trm
Remove your Pokemon from guarding the Tower (channel) you are in.

– After beating a Tower, anyone can set a new Guardian Pokemon but the last user that defeated the tower can override anyone else’s Guardian if they set it before them.
– The IVs and Shiny/Male boosts do apply to the Guardian Pokemon when battled.
– Tower Guardians currently cant be in a different Form or Mega. This might be added in the future.
– After you assign a Pokemon to guard a Tower, you can no longer use it, until it’s defeated and then you will be able to.
– If a channel is deleted, the Guardian Pokemon will be forever unusable.
– Damage caused by Tower Pokemon is calculated differently than damage caused by other NPC Pokemon.